angel-1184179_1280The Swords of an Angel is spreading its wings and I hate to be doing this alone. I’ve made a page for all of you who want to be notified when it’s released. 

In the meantime, you can take a look at the teasers I’ve made or listen to my youtube playlist with some of the songs that inspire me when I’m writing it. Feel free to make your suggestions.

You can also ask me for an ARC copy if you want to write a review. Or, you can join my BETA readers team.

I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you who, like me, find your escape in paranormal fantasy stories.

Join the pre-launch campaign, The Swords of an Angel, paranormal fantasy romance byt Urania Sarri.
Join the pre-launch campaign, The Swords of an Angel, a paranormal fantasy romance by Urania Sarri.


Madison is no ordinary girl. Her parents were lost in a hurricane flood where she came very close to death herself. She can’t remember anything about her life before that.

Her life changes once more when she meets the mysterious and brooding trainer, Jerome, another extraordinary creature with peculiar nutritional habits.  They are swept up in a passionate romance that unveils the truth about everything and everyone around her. Torn between her human nature and that of the celestial creature that possesses her, Madison has to make a choice. Will she be able to restrain the creature before it turns her into Jerome’s mortal enemy?

In The Swords of an Angel, miracles do happen, but there is always a reason.




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